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Ruthless 496 Sea Trials - "Outstanding.. she took off like a scalded cat"
Performance V8 Marine engine rebuilds

Swaymar performance enhanced engines should not be confused with race or competition engines.

Whilst we love building race and competition engines, the aim of these special marine engines is to give more BHP and torque lower down the RPM band in fact unlike many standard petrol marine engines which typically peak out at, for example 300-330 BHP at around 5200 RPM our equivalent capacity special marine engine will peak out at 340-370 BHP at around 4600 RPM with greatly improved torque at approximately 3100 RPM.

This enables the use of coarser pitch propellers so the boat reaches top speed faster and at lower engine RPM hence a smoother and more economical ride at any given speed. Whilst a high torque / power marine engine is very nice to own we are very aware that reliability is paramount in a marine environment, which is why all our up-rated marine engines are fitted with steel crankshafts, forged steel connecting rods with “aerospace” quality rod bolts, competition grade pistons and heavy duty bearings as well as much more !

Give us a ring and ask for Dave Martin, we are used to tailoring special engines to suit your exact requirements and are more than happy to talk it through with you.