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David Martin

Technical Director

Despite all the above achievements, and many more innovations during the years he owned "Swaymar Race Engines Ltd" his secret love has always been boats, it had long been an observation of his that although in many cases boats were more expensive even than the Aston Martins he was developing engines for, in most cases their engines were basic crate types (in most cases truck engines). It was during a conversation he was having with David Vizard, who has been closely involved with the development of both big and small block Chevrolet engines for almost four decades, and author of several books on the subject, and Greg Copp, technical journalist for "Motorboat & Yachting" magazine and owner of a "Sunseeker Thunderhawk" that the idea of "Swaymar Marine Ltd" was born.


  • 6.3litre V8 Aston Martin factory fitted engine upgrade.
  • 7 litre V8 Aston Martin engine upgrade.
  • 7.3 litre V8 Aston Martin engine upgrade 2x and 4x valve engines
  • Officially recognised modern replacement camshafts for Aston Martin DB4,DB5 and DB6.
  • 4.7 litre 6 Cylinder upgrade for Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6.
  • 1st 6 Cylinder 4.5 litre Aston Martin DB4-6 range to Exceed 430 BHP.
  • 3.8 litre 438 BHP Super Charged Aston Martin DB7.

Find out more about our engine design and custom technology's SwayCam and SwayJet that both David Vizard and David Martin helped develop.

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David Vizard Technical Consultant

David Martin Technical Director