Wraith 6.2L 380bhp

V8 Small Block Chevy 377cid

6.2L 350bhp V8 Performance Marine engine rebuilds This is an extremely versatile engine, designed for the discerning owner as an upgrade or replacement for virtually any of the small block series engines. When used to replace the 300 / 350 range it provides a quite considerable improvement in performance that will make you wish you had upgraded sooner. With virtually no fuel penalty at all cruising speeds it really is hard to resist. It will deliver a very noticeable improvement in performance and throttle response that will make you smile.

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6.2L 350bhp V8 Performance Marine engine rebuilds A glance at the improvement in BHP and specification will show that this engine gives exceptional value for money. Like all Swaymar special series engines this too delivers a lot more torque and BHP several hundred rpm lower down the rev range than its factory replacement counterpart. Specifically designed for Hi-torque, this engine is perfect for marine applications. These carefully considered engineering improvements result in a considerably faster boat but without the usual fuel penalties associated with more power.


  • Mercruiser
  • Volvo Penta
  • any boat running Chevy V8s

Only suitable for Mercruiser's equipped with Bravo legs. Can be used with most Volvo Penta drive legs, as most are duo prop.


All of our engines include a free inlet manifold inspection and reconditioning to 'as good as new'.
Note: If prior to inspection your existing manifold is un serviceable, a new one will be required.

  • Fresh water cooling system
  • Full refurbishment and re assembly of existing ancillaries


  • 1 year limited warranty,subject to the fitting of a new cast iron exhaust manifold
  • 2 years limited warranty when fitted with 1 piece stainless steel exhaust manifolds

Not Included

  • *New Cast iron exhaust manifold*


5.0L 280bhp V8 Performance Marine engine rebuilds We strongly recommend to all of our customers to consider trying a 1 piece stainless exhaust system and do away with the fear of leaky cast iron ones ruining your engine. You can find more detailed information on stainless steel marine exhausts as well as independent articles written by marine surveyors on the pit falls of cast iron manifolds at stainlessmarineexhausts.co.uk.

Propeller Pitch

5.0L 280bhp V8 Performance Marine engine rebuilds Depending on boat, in order to prevent over-revving, and feel the full effect of its extra torque, this engine will need to carry coarser pitch propeller.

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Displacement 380 CID (6.2L)
Engine Type V8
Peak Torque 410 ft lbs @ 4150 RPM
Torque Range 360 ft lbs @ 2600 - 4600 RPM
Bore & Stroke 4.030" X 3.750" (105.5mm X 88.9mm)
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Camshaft Stage 2 - Specially developed marine camshaft - delivering more torque at lower rpm.
Major Components Steel crankshaft, forged competition con rods, and performance pistons.
Head & chamber work Moderate reshaping of combustion chambers and cylinder heads - Improve gas flow and increase torque.
Optional Cooling System Closed fresh water cooling, Long Life 5-Year Anti-Freeze, 20 year long life silicon hoses - Protecting your engine from the inside out.
Advanced Engine Lubrication System Expertly modified oil galleries provide greatly improved lubrication to the camshaft, cam followers, gears and timing chain - For optimum engine longevity.
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