Engines designed to take your breath away

Our Special Series engines are specifically designed around the Small Block and Big Block V8 Chevrolet engines and provide significant performance, reliability and efficiency improvements over their standard manufacturers counterpart. Crucially we have designed our engines specifically for marine use, delivering vastly increased torque several hundred RPM lower down the rev range. Once combined with the correct pitch propellor, this results in a faster boat at lower RPM, consequently it will therefore consume less fuel at any given cruise speed.

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So what makes our engines special?

Top Quality Components

Our policy of using top quality, competition & race specification components as standard with all of our Series engines enables us to dramatically increase the longevity of the engine whilst at the same time effectively reducing the stress on the components resulting from the increase in power.

Precision Balanced

On top of all that our engines from the most basic to full race are fully balanced in house to limits that far exceed industry standards! This dramatically reduces fatigue stresses on all of the major components, making for a smoother, more powerful and longer lasting engine. See balancing video here. (STOP PRESS! Swaymar balancing facility has recently been granted civil aviation authority approval)

Advanced Lubrication System

Not forgetting the expert hand modifications carried out to all of our uprated oil pumps, allowing greater oil pressure at lower rpm. Certain block oil galleries are also customised in order to provide greatly improved lubrication to the camshaft, followers, timing chain and gears.

Special Hi-Torque Camshaft

And to top it all off we provide you with specially developed Hi-torque marine camshafts that are designed to deliver considerable more torque at lower rpm, this when combined with the correct propellor, allows you to go faster whilst maximising fuel economy.

Assembled by Experts

With over 80 combined years of engine design and build experience you can sleep safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of experts. To add to the provinence documents of your boat, all of our engines come with a step-by-step, photographic walk through of your engine build.

V8 Small Block Chevy 305-427cid

5.0L - 6.5L

330-450 BHP

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V8 Big Block Chevy 454-540cid

7.4L - 10.0L +

385-525+ BHP

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Special Series Range Specification

All of our engines include the following

  • Steel crankshaft
  • Steel connecting rods with bronze small end bushes.
  • Forged or Hyperutectic pistons dependant on application.
  • Fully floating piston pins, circlip retained.
  • Competition or race quality piston rings.
  • Heavy duty or race quality big end & main bearings.
  • New high capacity oil pumps, modified to give higher PSI at low RPM.
  • Re-shaped combustion chambers to increase low end torque.
  • Inlet ports in both cylinder heads and inlet manifolds matched to increase both BHP & torque at all RPM.
  • Specially developed marine application, plasma nitrided cams & followers.
  • And much more............
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