mercruiser engine tuning mercruiser engine tuning
540cid (8.8litre) full roller cam
540cid (8.8litre) full roller cam 525BHP @4800 - 5300RPM
Torque = 521 ft ibs @ 2000 RPM, 593 ft lbs @ 4000 RPM, 551 ft lbs @ 5000RPM
At early stage of build
540cid (8.8 litre)
540cid (8.8 litre) Producing 593 ft lbs of torque @ 4000RPM
Over 500 ft lbs @ 1800 RPM !!
454cid (7.4 litre)
Greg Copp, then Technical editor of "Motorboat and yachting" magazine looking at one of a pair of special build 454cid (7.4) engines for a very famous "RIVA"
Matched Pair
A Matched pair of 475 BHP 560 ft lb torque engines under build in our "Clean Room" engine build shop.
Reversed Direction "RIVA"
See the fuller description of our reverse "RIVA" build on our Projects page
Reversed Direction "RIVA" Finished!
The first "RIVA" Finished, while the second (reverse rotation one) in the background nears completion.
Brand New 489
Brand New 489 (stroked 454) bottom end showing "ICON" forged race quality pistons.
These make 531 ft lbs of torque @ 3100 RPM.
Volvo Penta Rebuild
See the full Volvo Penta rebuild on our Projects page
V8 Balancing
When your engine is balanced at SWAYMAR, even your drive coupling is balanced down to 0.25 of a gram!
1920's Vintage Rolls Royce crank assembly on balancing machine.
Note balancing readings on the screen : 0.9 gram front end, 0.5gram flywheel end.
Twin Cylinder motorcycle crankshaft
Twin Cylinder motorcycle crankshaft with percentage calculated bob weights assembled on the big end journals
Note the screen : 0.8 gram (WT(g)) at angle 235. Less then 1 gram total out of balance.
Swaymar parts
These parts are supplied as standard to help our customers after the engine leaves us.
G.M Chamber vs Flow Bench Chamber
Why have a standard chamber when we can increase your BHP !