Swaymar Marine Engineering Ltd

Are now able to offer both Aluminium and Stainless Steel genuine Mercruiser and Volvo Penta Propellers at very Competitive discounted Prices.

These are not copies but genuine “Volvo Penta” propellers and also genuine “Mercruiser” propellers.

For “Volvo Penta” we can offer Propellers for early 280 & 290 drives as well as the newer range of single propeller drives. In addition we also offer propeller sets for “Duo-Prop” and IPS.

For “Mercruiser” we can offer propellers for “Alpha” drives and the full “Bravo” range including matched twin propeller sets for “Bravo 3” legs.

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Just some examples are shown below :

5 Blade Bravo 1 - Mercruiser
Duo Prop "F" Series - Volvo Penta
Aluminium Alpha - Mercruiser
Aluminium Bravo 2 - Mercruiser
Stainless Steel Bravo 1 - Mercruiser 4 Blade
Stainless Steel Bravo 3 - Mercruiser
IPS Series DuoProp - Volvo Penta
Stainless Steel 4 Blade - Volvo Penta

Swaymar can also fit new replacement hubs into both “Volvo Penta” and “Mercruiser” propellers which were originally fitted with hubs at the factory, this can give a new lease of life to otherwise good condition propellers at a fraction of the price of new propellers.


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