After solving a series of boat system gremlins the engine has now done 30 hours since rebuild.

It now pulls 4.5 – 4.6k revs on a 24” 4 blade prop (from Andy). It pulled 4.8 – 4.9k on the original 22” prop. No cavitation problems. I am thinking of going to a 25” considering the cam’s 4.3K peak power and the very strong mid range pull.

As for fuel consumption in less than ideal conditions it consistently shows 45 ltrs / hr @ 3K, 30 knts, was 50. Max has increased from 102 to 115 on the same un altered Rochester carb.

Max speed shows a consistent 3 knt gain from 46 to 49, present max 50.1.

I am currently waiting for the wind to drop and some flat water to collect more reliable data.

Will let you know the outcome.

-- Additional --
Hi David, I hope you are well. My engine has now passed 60 hours and is currently propelling my 2.5 ton Scarab at 51.5 knots @ 4500 rpm on a 3 blade Mirage 25 inch pitch prop. The 2 way slack water test on GPS also indicated 72 ltrs / hr @ 40 knts, originally 80 ltrs / hr. This is 3 ltr / hr improvement over the 24P Bravo One 4 blade. Now thinking of trying a 26 inch pitch up from 22P on the original spec Magnum 454 engine. The boat pushes up on the plane effortlessly and will accelerate hard up to 48 knots reaching maximum speed within a minute or two thereafter. Ignition is via MSD spark box + MSD Blaster coil. Oil consumption remains minimal with the oil still clean after 50+ hours. After reading articles by your friend D.V. I am thinking of adding a Plasma ignition booster. The fun continues....... Regards,



Great company, product and service. Can highly recommend.

Nick Bailey

Just a short note to thank you for all the work you did on my new engine.
The boat is running well and the engine looks amazing in the engine bay.
I've enclosed some photos of the engine when it arrived, installed in boat and a photo of us recently on Loch Lomond.
Very best regards,

Andrew Meek.

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